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The Broken River Prophet: Tidings

Argo Arkestra - October 30, 2018

A lifelong fascination with the 70's animae classic Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato) has culminated in the formation of the Argo Arkestra. Bunch of friends from various Boston bands playing the soudstrack to a  video montage of awesome scenes from the show. Claw Job is also reuniting to performan excerpt of their sci-fi epic Space Crackers. It all goes down at the Lily Pad in Inman Sq. Friday November 16th.

Go HERE for more info...

Dinosaur Jr - October 25, 2018

Prophets Adam B. & Brad S. have teamed up with Mike B. of SEA to Cosplay as Dinosaur JR this Halloween.

Well, musically speaking, anyway. Although Mike did get a sweet silver wig. The trio are going by the name Fury Things. Playing two shows:

Low - October 4, 2015


What are you going as for Halloween? Were going as Low. As part of an epic birthday bash for our friend Lindsay. You are invited too!

All the specifics can be found here.


Friday October 30th

The Midway in Jamaica Plain



- Citrusphere

- Broken River Prophet (pours their frigid New England hearts into the wintry music of Low).

- Planet of Adventure (Manifesting as Humans named Black Sabbath and Ironed Maiden)

- Volcano Kings

Maine Mini Tour - July 11, 2014

Adam will be performing as part of the Animal Hospital Ensemble for a three date mini tour of Maine.

The Animal Hospital Ensemble is 10 person surround sound entity based on the compositions of Kevin Micka.
Friday July 25th - North Haven, Maine, USA
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Saturday July 26th- Rockland, Maine, USA

The Oncoming Storm - May 14, 2014

Full moon tonight! Seemed appropriate to share a brand new song with you. Recorded just a few short weeks ago at Mystic Valley Studio. Alex Garcia-Rivera played the drums and helmed the recording devices. Adam Brilla took care of guitars and bass. Tube amps and magnetic tape!

First Night: AHE - December 31, 2013

I will be joining 29 musicians to recreate the surround sound immersion of Kevin Micka's Animal Hospital.

Animal Hospital Ensemble

Music before and after the set provided by Ian Lawrence (Barge Recordings / Northern Plastics)

Tuesday, December 31, 2012
Doors and music start at 7:00pm
AHE on at 8:30pm

Hynes Convention Center
Room 302
900 Boylston St Boston, Massachusetts 02115

Tickets can be purchased at:

First Night Event Page

Year End Sale! - December 31, 2013

Back in February 2013 "a dagger & a dove" was released. If you haven't heard it stream it below. If you want a digital copy snag it for $2 for a limited time.

August 27, 2013

First Broken River Prophet show in over a year. Adam plays solo at Radio in Somerville, MA.
Opening for Look Sharp and EratOk. 8pm Saturday 8/31/13


5 Years Ago! - August 19, 2013

5 years ago, on August 19th 2008, the Broken River Prophet released their debut album.

Enjoy a digital copy for $2 from the Bandcamp!

"a dagger & a dove" now available - January 29, 2013

This 7 song album took 4 years to complete. With imagery drawn from classical mythology and alchemy, filtered through a love of analog recording equipment, vocal harmonies, and lots of guitars. This is a musical attempt to heal from loss. Learning to live with the wounds our choices inflict upon ourselves and others.

This recording contains musical contributions from members of: American Nightmare, Brown Lazers, Chrome Over Brass, Ghost Box Orchestra, Hallelujah to the Hills, Lockgroove, Tiny Amps, Tony the Bookie Orchestra.

Animal Hospital Ensemble Practice - August 2, 2012


MFA w/ the AHE - June 28, 2012

The Animal Hospital Ensemble will reconvene this summer. After two amazing shows this December past, Kevin gave the word and we all signed up for a couple more shows.


Wednesday August 1st in the courtyard of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

More details can be found on the Animal Hospital Site

And for tickets visit the MFA's site.

Details for a 2nd performance elsewhere in August are still in the works. Stay tuned!

For a glimpse of what you can expect check out this promo video by Adrianne Jorge

Mixing done! Off to Mastering - June 28, 2012

After 4 years the album is done. Alex and I mixed all 7 songs (34 minutes) in 2 days. Strange to see all the time and tracks consolidated down to 3 reels of 1/2" tape. Off to mastering. No word yet on a release date. Some interested labels but nothing solid yet. Really want to see this one on vinyl.

Show Thursday! - April 16, 2012


Pictures old and new - March 3, 2012

Added a bunch of pictures. Some old, some very old and some new.

Check out the Prophet through the ages, well from 98 to the present day.

The new BRP debuts March 1st - February 4, 2012

3112travels.jpgSee the new line-up featuring Adam Brilla, Alex Garcia-Rivera, Deborah Warfield and Ryan Rex. 

Boston Underground Summit IV - January 31, 2012

Thanks to Kraut Dawg for getting so great video from all of Saturday's performers. Here is a version of "Pomegranate Still Life Blues" aka "Persephone." Bodies of Water Shows knows how to through a party. This show was a blast! All the artists and attendees were wonderful. Thank you for making the Broken River Prophet's return from exile so warm & welcoming.


A.H.E. recap - January 29, 2012

This was an amazing experience. Hope we get to do another one. Here are some videos, pictures and press from our two December 2011 performances.

Animal Hospital Ensemble promo from Adrianne Jorge on Vimeo.


An Experiment in Surround Sound -Boston Globe 12/9/11

A Circle of Friends Make Beautiful Music -Boston Globe 12/2/11

2012. Live at long last. - January 20, 2012

2012. The year long exile is over. At last live performances!

Adam will perform a number of solo Broken River Prophet songs at the 4th installment of the Boston Underground Summit. Saturday January 28th


March 1st 2012, celebrate the first night of Travels U.S. tour at O'Brien's Pub in Allston, MA. This night also marks the first ever performance by the reborn full-band Broken River Prophet.


More to come through this new year.


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Animal Hospital Ensemble - November 16, 2011

Adam has been finishing up the BRP record, tracking wild fuzz guitar leads with Michael Hutcherson's latest project as well as rehearsing with 29 of the finest musicians from Boston's underground/avant-garde scene as part of the Animal Hospital Ensemble. Some of you may remember Kevin Micka, the mastermind behind Animal Hospital, from his stint behind the kit w/ the BRP circa 2005.

Do not miss these two very special Animal Hospital performances.

From the press release:

Animal Hospital Ensemble


After six years of crafting vast, unforgettable works of aural experimentation by himself and an arsenal of looping hardware, Animal Hospital's Kevin Micka is announcing the first ever live performances of his music by an ensemble of seasoned local guitarists, string players, and drummers.

This fall, audiences in Boston, MA and Pawtucket, RI will experience pieces from 2009's "Memory" album in full surround sound, with a platoon of musicians encircling the audience. The ensemble will be a diverse collection of musicians from bands like garage popsters Hallelujah the Hills, microtonal droners Neptune, Ethiopian pop group Debo Band and psych-folkies the Broken River prophet.

Click here for more information and audio clips

Sharp Darts USA - July 9, 2011

Adam reunites with his fellow Prophet & Lockgroove alums Ryan and Marty Rex.

Check out the Sharp Darts USA The band also includes Seana Carmody from Swirles/Syrup USA, Noel Dorsey of Guillermo Sexo and Chris Johnson of Ghost Box Orchestra.

Get on over to Great Scott tonight!

Check out the Facebook Event for more info.

Lockgroove: Available Online - July 4, 2011

At long last the music of Lockgroove is available for the digital age! Music from 1998-2004 by Ryan & Marty Rex, David Goodman, Adam Brilla and Dan Finn. Classic Boston Space-rock, Psych-pop, Headphone bliss.
Stream it, download it or buy it. Most importantly take some time to listen. Available now onBand Camp

A taste of things to come - June 10, 2011

Recording continues...

Download this free compilation from As Built Pr! There's a taste of the new BRP record on there.

New noise - May 22, 2011

As you may or may not know Adam has been assembling an effects pedal armada of which you can partake,

All you Boston area noise mongers take note. Also welcome are effects fiends simply passing through.


Stompbox Sonic is on the web or in your Face

Sharp Darts & Lockgroove - April 30, 2011


The future and the past all at once:

The Brothers Rex, long time friends and musical conspirators from Lockgroove and the BRP, have asked Adam to play bass for their latest project Sharp Darts USA

If you feel nostalgic or missed out on the Boston Psych scene of the 90's check this out.

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