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The Broken River Prophet: Tidings

March 1, 2011

Recording continues...

Download this free compilation from As Built Pr! There's a taste of the new BRP record on there.

Summer 2010 - July 29, 2010

Soccer, GBO, and travel that's what has been going on. The Revs and World cup, various islands of the Pacific and Atlantic. Also Marty and Dennis along with their fellow Ghost Box Orchestra mates have released an incredible album, "Only Light On". Do whatever it takes to get yourself a physical or digital copy! Soon thee old Prophet has two Boston Area (Cambridge and Somerville) rock shows then who knows. Still have a record to finish too.

May 2009 - May 28, 2009

There are two new-old recordings, a super fast version of the often bootlegged "Chemical Solitaire" a very unique take on a BRP classic, that's Victory at Sea's Taro Hatanaka on violin. Don't be shy.
Listen here, Friend

January 2009 - January 21, 2009

2009! That's 15 feathers in the Broken River Prophet cap. Yup, 15 years old. Louder and wiser beyond our years.

Let’s see, so far this year we’ve been working out new material and have been back to Dented Head studios finishing up some long lost tracks before the SharkAttack Empire dismantles it's once mighty studio. One track we are particularly excited about features Taro Hatanaka of Victory at Sea. He recorded a stunning violin track shortly before his return to Japan several years ago. He is a good friend and I miss playing music and hanging out with him. Hearing his playing again has been very inspiring.

Soon sights will be set on preparations for our next album…But, "WAIT!" you say. "You have no record label; you have boxes of unsold cd's of your first record cluttering up your apartment! Why set to work on another album?" Well, because we must. Art and the Cosmos don't sit idle waiting for external gratification. The need to create, experience and achieve our fullest potential as people and musicians is why we are here. Enlightenment is the flame ignited by the members of Broken River Prophet creating music together.

Album is done and out! - September 30, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came out to our record release show at the Middle East, to all the bands who rocked that night( +/-, Ba-Na-Nas, Animal Hospital) and of course to KickAss Cupcakes for powering the evening with 156 of the most amazing cupcakes!
We've been busy, writing songs for the next record, finishing up the letter pressed special edition of "With Infinite Arms" as we all trying to convince distant cities that our rock is needed there. Oh, we just played a Scooter/Moped Rally. Thanks to Todd and the Somerville Arts Council for the invite. Check out some photos here or here
Also check out upcoming S.A.C. events!

September 18, 2007

Yup, we're still here. Laying low a bit. It's been a busy summer. And it just got even more so for Justin! He's back in grad school, getting all historical. We condone his learning but are sad that he won't be rocking the kit for a while. But we have one more show with him. You should come check it out, Saturday September 29th at the Middle East. What a sweet show too (+/-, Sleepyhead, the Moools, damn!). We also recorded 4 songs with him. Thanks to Michael and Greg for the studio skills! (Now whatever are we going to do with all this recorded material we've been stockpiling? Hmmm......)

Songs - April 19, 2007

For you dear music fan there are some songs hidden here on our website and of the myspace page. Some live, some from our Tremolo Lounge sessions and one from Dented Head sessions.
Got a date with Roger to finish up the Tremolo tunes. Now whom among you would like to add the ol BRP to your label's roster?

"My life or some dream" - April 1, 2007

Check out our contribution to Brad's autobiography in song form:
Track 17 "December Wolves"

Rest - August 23, 2006

We are resting from playing all sorts of shows and putting together and preparing for shows. It can take a lot out of you and it did. We'll be back in clubs and empty rooms all over this land soon enough but for now rest and some recording. Thanks to a lull in the frantic Charlene schedule we were able to put some more time into a couple tunes we started at their Dented Head studio some time ago. Also, plans to record more as in making a compact disc for the kids, the fans, and the people are being entertained.

New Live mp3's! - October 3, 2005

Thanks to Brad & Aimee we've got some live recordings for you. Check out the "Archival Recordings" section. They were kind enough to capture our recent PA's Lounge and Pawtucket Film Festival appearances. In a few weeks we'll put some other highlights from those performances on the site.

bass dude - August 15, 2005

Adam has joined the Tiny Amps.
He plays the bass. He and Michael and Jeff and Adam (a different one) play shows and talk about things and hang out and stuff. They practice in a secret underground bunker. ps. He's still a prophet and continues to make prophetic music with the other prophets.

Live mp3's - August 8, 2005

Wow! Check out Bardley's Almanac for some live recrdings of the BRP in rock devastation mode...Thanks Brad!

May 2, 2005

Hello from BRP HQ:

The Zuzu show was GREAT; the Zuzu pupu platter was soooooooooooooo yummy; and Tiny Amps were amazing. Now we need a nap. We sometimes get sleepy after eating and rocking but we'll be back soon. Though once we return, refreshed after a nice slumber we plan to finish up some recordings over at the Dented Head.

Zuzu's in April - March 21, 2005

Tuesday evening 26 April with the Tiny Amps

New photos! - March 16, 2005

Here are some live shots from our recent T.T.'s show w/ Hood and Charlene

February 23, 2005

Well we're not not recording 3 songs at Dented Head...

Well look who joined the .com world... - February 18, 2005

At long last the Broken River Prophet has staked a claim on its own little piece of the internet.
Valerie, Dave, and Adam have recruited a new Prophet, Matt for the Hood show at T.T.'s in March. We are delighted that our dear dear friends Charlene have just been added to the bill.
Word has it Brad Searles of the Also-Rans (a sometime Prophet himself) will be joining them on drums.

Rumors of secret recording sessions at Dented Head Studios have yet to be confirmed or disavowed.
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