Music to be had

Greetings from the depth of winter.

The prophets are scattered far and wide but music remains.

  • Medical Maps featuring Prophet Eric Provonsil released a new album, Be Whelmed.
  • Dear friend and Infitine Arms cover artist Seana Carmody…

Argo Arkestra

A lifelong fascination with the 70's animae classic Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato) has culminated in the formation of the Argo Arkestra. Bunch of friends from various Boston bands playing the soudstrack to a  video montage of awesome scenes from…


Dinosaur Jr

Prophets Adam B. & Brad S. have teamed up with Mike B. of SEA to Cosplay as Dinosaur JR this Halloween.

Well, musically speaking, anyway. Although Mike did get a sweet silver wig. The trio are going by the name…


What are you going as for Halloween? Were going as Low. As part of an epic birthday bash for our friend Lindsay. You are invited too!

All the specifics can be found here.


Friday October 30th

The Midway in…


Maine Mini Tour

Adam will be performing as part of the Animal Hospital Ensemble for a three date mini tour of Maine.

The Animal Hospital Ensemble is 10 person surround sound entity based on the compositions of Kevin Micka. Friday July 25th -

The Oncoming Storm

Full moon tonight! Seemed appropriate to share a brand new song with you. Recorded just a few short weeks ago at Mystic Valley Studio. Alex Garcia-Rivera played the drums and helmed the recording devices. Adam Brilla took care of guitars…


Year End Sale!

Back in February 2013 "a dagger & a dove" was released. If you haven't heard it stream it below. If you want a digital copy snag it for $2 for a limited time.


First Broken River Prophet show in over a year. Adam plays solo at Radio in Somerville, MA.
Opening for Look Sharp and EratOk. 8pm Saturday 8/31/13


5 Years Ago!

5 years ago, on August 19th 2008, the Broken River Prophet released their debut album.

Enjoy a digital copy for $2 from the Bandcamp!


"a dagger & a dove" now available

This 7 song album took 4 years to complete. With imagery drawn from classical mythology and alchemy, filtered through a love of analog recording equipment, vocal harmonies, and lots of guitars. This is a musical attempt to heal from loss…