MFA w/ the AHE

The Animal Hospital Ensemble will reconvene this summer. After two amazing shows this December past, Kevin gave the word and we all signed up for a couple more shows.


Wednesday August 1st in the courtyard of the Museum of Fine…


Mixing done! Off to Mastering

After 4 years the album is done. Alex and I mixed all 7 songs (34 minutes) in 2 days. Strange to see all the time and tracks consolidated down to 3 reels of 1/2" tape. Off to mastering. No word…


2012. Live at long last.

2012. The year long exile is over. At last live performances!

Adam will perform a number of solo Broken River Prophet songs at the 4th installment of the Boston Underground Summit. Saturday January 28th


March 1st 2012, celebrate the…


Animal Hospital Ensemble

Adam has been finishing up the BRP record, tracking wild fuzz guitar leads with Michael Hutcherson's latest project as well as rehearsing with 29 of the finest musicians from Boston's underground/avant-garde scene as part of the Animal Hospital Ensemble. Some…


Sharp Darts USA

Adam reunites with his fellow Prophet & Lockgroove alums Ryan and Marty Rex. Check out the Sharp Darts USA The band also includes Seana Carmody from Swirles/Syrup USA, Noel Dorsey of Guillermo Sexo and…


Lockgroove: Available Online

At long last the music of Lockgroove is available for the digital age! Music from 1998-2004 by Ryan & Marty Rex, David Goodman, Adam Brilla and Dan Finn. Classic Boston Space-rock, Psych-pop, Headphone bliss Stream it, download it or buy…