The Broken River Prophet is Boston based musical entity curated by Adam Brilla.

The Broken River Prophet is a thought experiment, an oppressive sonic maelstrom or doomed lullabies for storm wrecked dreams. Recording and performing music at its own pace on its own terms. Sometimes as one sometimes as many.

Speculation and creepy innuendo surround the true origins of the Broken River Prophet. Although most fans and a hiss-heavy cassette tape of banjo/feedback guitar experiments mark the beginning somewhere around 1994. For many years after the Broken River Prophet would perform on occasion with a rotating cast of musicians drawn from the Boston artistic community. Rarely the same song was performed the same way or with the same line-up twice. The distinction between the imaginary Broken River Prophet and the real live version has grew harder to discern. As a result, the peoples responsible for and entrusted to embody the spirit and harness the sonic capabilities of the Broken River Prophet which once were always and ever changing and blurring into something and/or someone else began to solidify around 2005. Culminating in the quintet that performed and toured from 2007-2010. Releasing the epic psych-folk-space-pop album "With Infinite Arms to Cradle the Flames" in 2008. Recorded in a 100 yr old barn, the basement of a former whoopie factory and a house accross the street from a family of corgis.

By mid 2010, life and all its glories and setbacks began to reduce the BRP back to it's semi-dream state. Slowly, however, recordings were made with the help of talented individuals and an impressive selection of analog and tube driven equipment.

2012 marks the completion of a new album and the first live performances in over a year.

So for now, I'll tell you this much: These days the Broken River Prophet is: Adam Brilla (Lockgroove, Shenzou 5, Tiny Amps, Animal Hospital Ensemble). With a new live band to be announced soon.

Former Prophets include:

Eric Provonsil (The Subject, Shenzou 5, Puella, Tony the Bookie Orchestra): Mandolin, Bass, Lapsteel, Guitar, Vocals

Deborah Warfield (Shenzou 5, Puella, Tounge, Swirlies): Vocals, Guitar

Alex Garcia-Rivera: (American Nightmare, Get High, Blood Horse, Kingpin) Drums

Dennis Noble (Ghost Box Orchestra): Bass, Design

Marty Rex (Lockgroove, Charlene, Ghost Box Orchestra): Drums, Vocals

Justin Keough (Soccer Mom, Tom Thumb, Swiss Army): Drums

Orrin Anderson (Syrup USA, Seana Carmody):Drums

Carlos -Bongos

Drew Chase: (Puella): Bass

Dave Doom (Compass, Lockgroove): Drums, Clarinet

Bill Dwyer (Poison Slower Downer): Drums

Keira Flynn-Carson (The Nice & Easy's, Specific Heats): Drums

Valerie Forgione(Mistle Thrush): Theremin, Vocals, Guitar

Taro Hatanaka (Victory at Sea, Smorgasborg): Violin

Michael Hutcherson (Your Reflection, Owlfood, Tiny Amps): Drums, ARP

Matt K. (Mistle Thrush): Bass

Dave Lamb (Brown Bird): Drums, Accordian, Vocals

Ian Lawrence (Charlene):Drums, Pianet

Jeff MacIsaac (Aveo, Charlene, Rabbit Ears): Drums

Kevin Micka (Animal Hospital, Neptune, Common Cold): Drums

Ken Michaels (Van Elk): Bass, Guitar

Matthew Mirande (Charlene): Guitars, Pianet

Sasha Mirsky: Bass

John Rex (Charlene): Guitars

Ryan Rex (Lockgroove): Bass, Vocals

Andy Santospago(Blind King, Vinyl Skyway): Dobro, Theremin

Brad Searles (The Also-Rans, Starlight Conspiracy, Charlene): Drums

Sofa: Toy Grand Piano, Echo Guitar, Theremin

Elana Joy Wetzner (Cowgirl Hangover): Vocals