After 18 straight months of riding the chill-wave, blasting the likes of Real Estate, Memoryhouse, Neon Indian, et al, I think I might be hitting my saturation point. The past two weeks I’ve pretty much imposed a moratorium on “sunny beach tunes” and have chosen instead to jam out more to some good ol’ fashioned indie-rock. Great timing for the Massachusetts group The Broken River Prophet to send me a duo of their mp3s as their tracks certainly have been hitting the sweet spot on my playlist. Closing in on two decades as a band, The Broken River Prophet has certainly had its share of line-up changes that most collective groups experience. The current arrangement is that of a trio featuring Adam Brilla on vocals/guitar, Dennis Noble on bass, and Marty Rex on drums. The three are presently working on new material, opting to record on old-school analog tape machines in order to recreate the feel of some of their favorite albums that were captured with only tape and tubes — long before Ableton became such a household name. I don’t have any songs to share from the new incarnation of the band, however, here are two stellar indie-rock tracks that they made in the past that are sure to please everyone:" Follow the link below to hear the songs...”

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From Boston, Massachussets, comes the latest offering from The Broken River Prophet, a collective that has been going since 2005. Exquisitely entitled "With Infinite Arms to Cradle the Flames" the nine tracks straddle superior indie, neo-psychedelia and some rather fine examples of out and out rocking (crunching guitars, driving rhythms and the odd bit of feedback). The his ‘n hers vocals of Adam Brilla and Deborah Warfield work best on the lighter indie numbers but are a bit too cutesy for the heavier end of things. However, that’s a minor quibble as, overall, this is an impressive outing with a number of tracks - including "Forged Prescriptions", the instrumental "Void of Course" and the wonderfully titled "The Gaping Wound In My Chest Is Like Reading Your Diary Out Loud" - particularly deserving of attention. Well worth checking out. -November 2009”

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Preview of our record release show and interview with the band....” - Kerry Skemp


Get ready for a loosely styled, vaguely psychedelic tangle of chaos that never appears the same way twice...Allston's most freewheelin' purveyors of overmedicated Americana.”

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the disc is titled "With Infinite Arms To Cradle The Flames", I've been spending a lot of time with my preview copy, and it's one of the best albums to come out of this town in a long while." -Bradley's Almanac” - Brad

Bradley's Almanac

What does it say about a city that its most interesting bands are the ones who are winging it? Well, one interpretation might be that there are just way too many bands playing remarkably similar, heavily structured brands of pop rock, leaving improvisation as the only recourse for the artistically nimble and inherently rebellious. That's a little too stony, though. The reality is that people just miss each other. Really, Broken River was a way to hang out, play and collaborate with all of the talented people I know," says Adam Brilla, whom you may have already spotted in the grufftastic Tiny Amps and/or the drone-(s)laying Lockgroove. "There's always a song that we keep at the center of things; but it's a really great feeling to hear what it ends up turning into when different people are involved." And there are plenty of those...The dozens of incarnations that Broken River Prophet has taken ...are a tangle of local indie genealogies: There are strains of spunky thoroughbred Boston post-pop like the Vinyl Skyway, Charlene and Syrup USA; traces of bombastic experimentalism from the likes of the Common Cold, Compass and Lockgroove; and hues of the swoon-inducing heartscraping tendencies of Victory at Sea, Mistle Thrush and the Shenzou 5. It's a long list of people who know how to write songs;which means they know how to unwrite them, too. Since the unpredictability quotient is high at any given BRP show, what the band is getting into bears striking resemblance to what the audience is getting into... Individual figures echo and vary from one instrument to the next, colors deepen, songs take off and what could end up being a gnarly brouhaha reliably turns into a soothing, swelling din of hunch, chance, distortion and yes, genuine rock power...As for what they'll do, your guess is as good as theirs. Which is good.” - Michael Brodeur

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[Taro Hatanaka] made his last local appearance for the foreseeable future, guesting with the Lockgroove/Mistle Thrush spinoff Broken River Prophet at T.T. the Bear’s Place. "He’s going away for a while," said head Prophet Adam Brilla, "so enjoy his playing while you can." Hatanaka, a native of Japan...was sitting in with BRP to provide plaintive violin for the group’s more melancholy, subdued songs. But on the set’s finale, the group built an epic from the ground up, starting with nothing but some theremin noise and ending in full-on freak-out mode, with Lockgroove’s Martin Rex joining in on a second drum kit, the theremin spastically squealing and Brilla and Hatanaka furiously strumming and bowing. It was a fitting farewell. 3/17/05” - Will Spitz

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Broken River Prophet is apparently Adam, the vocalist and lead guitarist, and whoever else is playing with him... The songs are all kind of down-tempo, and this leaves time for a lot of interesting stuff. Sept.2003” - Steve Gisselbrecht

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