January 2009

2009! That's 15 feathers in the Broken River Prophet cap. Yup, 15 years old. Louder and wiser beyond our years. Let’s see, so far this year we’ve been working out new material and have been back to Dented Head studios finishing up some long lost tracks before the SharkAttack Empire dismantles it's once mighty studio. One track we are particularly excited about features Taro Hatanaka of Victory at Sea. He recorded a stunning violin track shortly before his return to Japan several years ago. He is a good friend and I miss playing music and hanging out with him. Hearing his playing again has been very inspiring. Soon sights will be set on preparations for our next album…But, "WAIT!" you say. "You have no record label; you have boxes of unsold cd's of your first record cluttering up your apartment! Why set to work on another album?" Well, because we must. Art and the Cosmos don't sit idle waiting for external gratification. The need to create, experience and achieve our fullest potential as people and musicians is why we are here. Enlightenment is the flame ignited by the members of Broken River Prophet creating music together.

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